How to Steal Sweeties, Teddy Bear Style


This is Hame, short for Hamish. He’s my bestie.

Hame’s the only one with denim jeans. Well cool!

This means Hame’s the only one with pockets. Pockets! Do you know what a teddy bear can filch away in pockets?

So far, Hame’s nicked Green’s sweeties. He found a way to nibble into cardboard boxes from the bottom.


When Green found out, she told Blue to stay out of the kitchen while she hid the sweeties in a cupboard.

Next day, Hame ‘recce’d’ the kitchen. He sniffed the sweeties out in a high cupboard.

Excited, he dashed into the front room, gathered up his ‘posse’ – he watches too many Westerns – and went back in the kitchen.

I went out a few minutes later and found Pan at the bottom, my dad on his shoulders, Bert on dad’s shoulders, Sally (the turnfur) on Bert’s shoulders, and Hame climbing up them.

Scrambling up onto the worktop, Hame shimmied up the microwave, and fished around in his pocket for something. A minute later, he pulled a small grappling hook attached to string out of his pocket, flung it up to the high cupboard handle, and pulled open the door.

“Yee-hah!” Hame shouted.

The cupboard was full of Green’s sweeties. Yum city!!

There were liquorice cats and fish, lemon sherberts, raspberry sherberts, lollipops, toffee bonbons, Devon toffees, liquorice toffees, and a group of cuddly toys drooling at the sight.

“Come on, Hame! Chuck some down!”

Wanting to please his buds, Hame chucked one of each sweetie down.

“You know the rule, guys. One suck each and pass it on,” said Hame.

“Fill your turnups, uncle Hame,” said my boy, Wellie. He and I need to talk, the little bugger.

Hame swung down the string, closed the cupboard door, rolled up the string and put it in his pocket. Then he clambered down the guys to share out his pocket contents.

The line of cuddly toys wandered back to the front room. They followed Hame’s rule and had a suck each before passing the sweetie along.

What happened to the sweeties after everyone had had a suck? Hame waited until the drool dried, wiped them and put them in a pile for Green.

“I didn’t steal them,” he said. “Just borrowed them for my buds.”

Blue knew what they were up to and told Green. Hame is Green’s teddy.

Green was well chuffed with Hame’s enthusiasm and generosity. “That’s my bear!” she said with pride.







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