Toy moose with a packet of crisps


Toy moose with a packet of crisps
I was hungry


The name’s Moose. Martin Moose. ¬†I look after Blue and Green (our humans) , and my boy, Wellington.

Then there are the guys.

We’re a group of cuddly toys – mainly mooses, bears, dogs, a hippo and a pig.

The line-up has changed a little since¬†Martin Moose Dating first started and we’ve had some retirements. Ted, Pan, Nigel, Red, Archie, Bert and Angus have retired and live on the top of the bookcase in me and Blue’s bedroom.

We’ve had some new mooses join. Kimbo, a lying on his side moose, joined us two years ago, and JD and his boy, Our Kev, arrived last Christmas.

Green has her guys and some of our guys staying in her room. She has Dud, Grommie – you’ll meet all of them in my stories – Whitey, Hame, Darce and Garfield. Grommie and Dud live in her room, Darce lives at the top of the stairs. The others live downstairs so they can watch telly when it’s on.

We all get on well. Most of us have special buds / best buds, and a few don’t but they join in as part of the group.

Looking forward to chatting again,





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